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My Tarot Reading sessions are based on the Western Kabbalah, Jungian Philosophy, and the practical application of reoccurring events in everyday life. Each card of the Tarot deck is encrypted with astrological, Kabballistic, and numerological information. The symbolism goes deep in each card’s pictoral. The more you learn, the more you find there is to learn. Like the Kabballah, the Rider-Waite has layer upon layer of meanings – both seem to reveal themselves as the time is right for the reader/student. I believe both paths cause us to be forever a student, devoted for life. This is truly what drew me in, even to this day – hook, line, and sinker!!

Ironically, one does not have to know the Tarot deck and it’s many layers of esoteric information in order to access this vast wealth of knowledge. One only needs a mediator – that’s where I come in!! My Tarot consultations can give you insight about your job, career, promotions, co-workers, prosperity, and financial success. In the romance department, I usually see the beloved admirer that you may have overlooked. I can also give insight to legal issues.
The Major Arcana deals with the journey of the soul and the Minor Arcana deals with day-to-day mundane life. I usually tell the class that the Major Arcana happens to you, while the Minor Arcana reveals aspects is of one’s own actions, which maybe their doing or un-doing.

Tarot is probably one of the most misunderstood forms of divination.

The 78 card deck does not “tell the future” as Hollywood often portrays. The Tarot does not hold mystical powers and knows no moral gradient; the Tarot deck is neither good nor bad – it simply exists. Belief in any Godform, Jewish/Hebrew, Pagan, or otherwise is not required for accurate Tarot readings. For this form of divination, one is only required to believe in humanity and the infallible Source of the All, the life force that is in all things and connects us all together. True divination does not access the superconscious, but instead the subconscious. Our subconscious is “busy-busy-busy” and literally catalogs ever moment of our lives; it is the ultimate computer and the Tarot is but one means of accessing the files. The unquestionable accuracy of the Tarot as a divination tool has stood the test of time.

The origin of the Tarot is clouded. It first appeared in 12th Century Austria, however its many levels of occult knowledge indicate Egyptian, Chaldean, and later Mesopotamian information. When mysticism became the scapegoat of the Church, it’s hidden meanings were drawn into this deck of playing cards and entrusted to the Nomadic Gypsies who presented the deck as a game of chance and entertainment.

I began to read tarot at age 14, with the Rider-Waite deck, and I have been deeply devoted to it ever since. This deck was drawn in 1910 by Pamela Colman Smith under the direction of Arthur Edward Waite, a member of the Golden Dawn and a student of ancient pagan myths and mystical world religions. In addition, my studies were deeply enlightened by Paul Foster Case and B.O.T.A. (Builders of the Adytum). I have taken their classes and taught them as well. Eden W. Gray highly influenced my understanding of the tarot starting in the late ’80s. Around 2000, I obtained an out of print copy of Daphna Moore’s “Rabbis Tarot” which was deep, esoteric, and amazingly packed full of details about the cards that made my head spin!! I loved it and continue to re-reference her books, always picking up something new and enlightening.