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Wiccans of all Traditions hold the celebration of the Goddess on each full moon; we call these holidays Esbats. They are regular meetings held by the members of the Circle, at which time Goddess (our Heavenly Mother) is recognized. The word “esbat” comes from the French word esbattre, which means, “to frolic.” The Moon itself is not the embodiment of the Goddess nor is it celebrated in such a way.

The Moon is the cosmic symbol of the Goddess, the Divine Mother is not the Moon itself nor do Wiccans of any tradition consider the Moon to be Her celestial place of residence. Throughout the Book of Psalms in the Christian Holy Bible, the Sun and the Moon repeatedly symbolizes the Male and Female Principles of the generalized concept of the generalized term “God.”

Esbats primarily take place during the New and Full Moons. They can be held at any time of the month, but Wiccans consider the Full Moon to be very powerful and it is very important. This 28-day cycle is very important to female practitioners as it is a balancing technique of the female spiritual body with the physical body, as the moon is on the same day cycle as the female body for reproductive aspects, as well as overall female health and well being.