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For many years, I have been interested in publishing a collection of emails and letters like the ones that I have received since the publication of “Christian Wicca: the Trinitarian Tradition” in 2003. I receive so many heartfelt letters that I believe others could benefit from. Likewise, I want to collect a variety of perspectives so that the readers can gain a broader picture of who we really are. There is not a week that goes by that someone in their brief explanation of joining our yahoo group or in a direct email to me relates that they are so excited to find others who believe the same way that they do!!

Therefore, I am interested in compiling a book containing YOUR essays that tell about your life as a Christian (of whatever former upbringing) who chooses to retain your relationship with the Christian Pantheon but practice as a Wiccan. I would like to hear about your learning, growing, and experiences in ritual practice. If you are out of the “broom closet,” how has your choice of spirituality affected your relationship with your friends or family? If you have children, has it had any affect on how you now choose to raise your children at all? Other questions that would be of interests is your decision to practice solitary, by choice or lack of options?

If you have a specific incident where your choice of spirituality has became an issue at your job, or somehow influenced choices you made in pursuing your education and career, tell this story to the best of your ability without disclosing personal or company names.

You do not have to use your real name, you can use your Craft name or sign the essay “A Trinitarian Wicca in [your city, your state]. You should not use the real names of family, especially your children, or other people in your life. Regardless, you should tell your storyhonestly and sincerely, and to the best of your ability.

Submissions should be between 2500 and 3500 words in length. Shorter submissions, as low as 1500 words will be considered, on the basis of strength and content. Multiple submissions will not be accepted. Submissions should be accompanied by your brief but informative biography . The biography should be between 500 to 750 words in length and will be published in the book should your article or articles be accepted. Individuals whose articles are accepted may be asked re-write or clarify a portion of your essay to help the reading public best understand your personal spiritual path.

My goal with this book is to tell the stories of other Trinitarian Wiccans. While I do support all forms of magickal Christianity and the general practices of ChristoPagans, I wish this book to remain centered around the Trinitarian Tradition to share your story and lend support to newcomers to this path.

Should your work be accepted, there will also be a second round of revisions with an editor at the publishing house, and he will likely work directly with you through email, obtaining permission and approval for any changes.